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Californian Massage: The Ultimate In Relaxation!

Massage Californien à domicile

Californian Massage: The Ultimate In Relaxation!

If you're looking for a massage style that will stimulate all of your senses, touch your mind, body and spirit as well as leave you feeling totally relaxed....Then a Californian massage is exactly what you need!

If you've ever visited a spa in North America and received a massage, there's a high likelihood that it was a Swedish massage. This form of massage has numerous health benefits and there's good reason why it's so popular. Though, the next time you're looking for an amazing relaxation massage, do yourself a favor and book a Californian massage. Not familiar with this form of Bodywork? No worries...This article is for you!

Massage Californien à Laval

What makes Californian massage different than Swedish?

Californian massage is based upon Swedish massage and the two styles share several manoeuvres. However, the thought process, application and philosophy is unique. The long, fluid movements in this form of massage completely sculpts and envelopes the body. The comforting and reassuring touch of a Californian massage allows the recipient to let go of all their pent up tension and promotes a feeling of physical, mental and spiritual integration.

The body is a canvas! In Californian massage the recipient is often nude but can also keep their undergarments on should they prefer. Unlike a Swedish massage where the body is divided into segments and the massage therapist doesn't usually return to a segment of the body that has already been massaged, in Californian massage the long movements can glide from one extremity of the body to the other. The draping is also different so as to facilitate the gliding from one side of the body to the other.

Massage Californien à Montréal

What is the origin of Californian Massage?

Californian massage was developed in the 70's during the New Age period at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. This was a time when spiritual development and Psychotherapy therapy was being heavily explored in the United States. This unique style of massage continued to gain serious attention throughout the 80's thanks to people such as Ms. Margareth Elke whom was instrumental in making Californian massage an organized system.

It was also during the 80's that Pauline Fortier, a student of Brigitte Stacke in Paris and Michel Van Wayenberge, a student to both Robert Helm in California and Pauline Fortier in Montreal, solidified the presence of Californian massage in Quebec. This style of massage is now one of the most popular styles here in Quebec.

Massage à Domicile Californien

What are the benefits of a Californian Massage?

This technique has attracted multitudes of fans in recent years. Men and women of all ages have turned to Californian massage as it is highly effective at relieving tension and stress. It is a form of massage that truly promotes healing and rejuvenation on physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual levels.

Californian massage promotes the emergence of body memory and strongly emphasizes compassion and listening in it's philosophy. Therefore, it can be of great help to people who have experienced trauma in the lives or who are currently in psychotherapy.

Physical benefits:

  • Relaxes the nervous system

  • Speeds-up the healing process for injuries and illnesses

  • Relieves cramps and muscle spasms

  • Decreases muscle fatigue

  • Loosens joints and improves range of motion

  • Increases muscle strength

  • Improves lymphatic drainage of metabolic wastes

  • Stimulates blood circulation

  • Promotes better muscle and skin tone

  • Loosens tight muscles

  • Stretches connective tissue

Psychological and emotional benefits:

  • Mental relaxation

  • Improves duration and quality of sleep

  • Decreases stress and anxiety

  • Increases concentration

  • Greater sense of well-being

  • Improves overall humour

  • Increases a person's perception of their body and body awareness

Massage Californien

Can everyone receive a Californian Massage?

Like most forms of bodywork, Californian Massage is generally suitable for most people. However, you should advise your massage therapist if you suffer from any of the following conditions...

  • Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea

  • Fever

  • Broken bones, fractures, dislocations, or severe sprains

  • Contagious diseases

  • Open or unhealed sores or wounds

  • Body areas that are inflamed, swollen or bruised

  • Varicose veins

  • Recent surgery

  • Severe pain

  • Jaundice

  • Frostbite

  • Kidney disease

  • Large hernias

  • Hemorrhaging

  • Torn ligaments, tendons, or muscles

  • High blood pressure or heart problems

  • Certain kinds of cancer

  • History thrombosis phlorebitis

  • Drug treatment with blood thinners

Massage Relaxation à Laval

What can I expect during the massage?

At the beginning of a Californian massage session, the therapist will perform an assessment of the recipient’s overall health. Whether as a preventive measure or for the treatment of a condition; this type of massage can benefit anyone looking to sustain not only a healthy relationship with his or her body but their entire being.

With gentle hands, proper use of body weight and relaxed breathing, the massage therapist invites the recipient to let go and rediscover their senses by relaxing all their muscles and allowing themselves to become aware of their own breathing as well as how their body reacts to each breath. The manoeuvres are applied directly to the skin using massage oil. The pace and depth of each movement may vary depending upon the clients needs and what the therapist deems as necessary.

Respect and integrity are key in Californian massage just like in all forms of bodywork. The intuitive nature of this style of massage leaves ample room for creativity on behalf of the therapist. The recipient also plays an important part in the overall process. The more a person opens themselves up to the experience, the more they will ultimately benefit from it.

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Massage à domicile à Laval

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